Permissionless listing
The world has long been ruled by those who had power either through the public consensus or through inheritance. Power creates hierarchy in the system. Definitely some people get benefitted from this hierarchical system of influence, but the truth is that the mass of the population had been oppressed by such a system of society.
With Blockchain we have visualized a new hope of decentralized power in a true sense, because here the belief is in the mathematical algorithm which cannot be fake.
Dpad is built as a 100% decentralized protocol for raising capital. We are aimed to build this infrastructure as a community governed network helping new ideas and teams in working on great things. Dpad has a permissionless listing process for all the projects without any centralized authority.
Now no one can deny anyone access to capital on the basis of race, cast, sex, nationality, ethnicity or status quo. Anyone in the world can access the capital of the Dpad investors community by listing their plan on the Dpad platform, all by themselves. There won't be any authority to accept or reject the submission. Although there shall be an open community and volunteers to help new project teams to understand the best practices of listing for a successful capital raise.
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