Problems in the market

One of the major problems in the Web3 industry is the high failure rate of projects and the rampant scams that deceive investors and drain liquidity from the nascent Web3 ecosystem. Many promising projects fail to generate sustainable revenue before burning all the cash raised from IDOs, resulting in the loss of investor funds. Additionally, there are cases where project founders have ill intent, abandoning the project or pulling a rug, leading to a complete loss of funds for investors.
Unfortunately, for investors interested in IDOs, there is no mechanism that ensures the highest level of safety assurance for their funds. This uncertainty can lead to many missed investment opportunities, further hampering the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.
Fortunately, the promise of Web3 has attracted many retail investors who are willing to invest their liquid capital in promising projects that could lead this ecosystem to the mainstream public. To ensure that the investor's funds are used to support innovative Web3 ideas and communities, DPAD has designed a protocol that allows treasury-backed DAO projects to flourish. This protocol offers a safer investment opportunity into innovative Web3 ideas and communities while promoting transparency and inclusivity in the fundraising process.