Incubators - While raising funds from the public on DPAD, there is another benefit that you may avail as a startup. Based on community voting, few selected projects will be given extra benefits like support in listing on exchanges, publicity, finding new team members, etc


The main goal of an incubator is help companies pass through the first phase of startup journey. At this stage startups require small amount of funds to pay the expenses while building the product. As an incubator, we also help companies funded on our platform, in raising next round of funds from VCs or even get acquirer.


In the early stage, money is just a smaller part of the pie. In fact some projects even don't require money so importantly as much they require help in different aspects of running a business. We provide a number of benefits and resources, that is arranged by our team and community. We work with entrepreneurs ourselves also figuring out the biggest challenges that they might be facing, like defining the target market properly, achieving a product market fit, or even understanding what the company should be called, etc.
Other core help that we can provide is helping founders to deal with the investors, acquirers or partners. Teaching about how to pitch to investors and best ways to discuss deals and closing are a crucial help to founders. We will even provide help for protection with investors, standard paperwork, legal consultation, guidance on accounting and bookkeeping, etc


Every month few projects who would have finished their capital raise on Dpad would be evaluated by a volunteer led team behind Dpad incubator. Upon evaluation, we would look at the major points that would make us believe that the project has promising future.
The selected startups and projects shall be invited for a remote session of 3 months. During these 3 months, the founders would be connecting to potential partners, investors and participate in common group sessions.
In those group sessions, the incubator team would be inviting great speakers from the crypto industry, global startup community, etc. These sessions become very helpful to the new young founders who lack common business skills.
During these sessions, startups shall also help themselves as much we help them. It's such a productive time spent before building big businesses. At the end of the incubation, the startups are given opportunity to pitch their projects to VCs. That special day is called Demo day.


We try to create an environment for the startups where they would feel the most productive. If the founders feel motivated, then they can build their products better and faster.
We don't want to interfere much with the working team, besides providing them support whenever they need. During the incubation period, the project teams cross meet themselves and get to know about other team's challenges also, which encourages them to discuss maters together.
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