Project Audit
As the Dpad protocol is completely decentralized without the control of any centralized authority in the listing of projects, there won't be any filtering of good and bad actors. The investors shall be in a vulnerable position while funding a project, without being able to verify the details of the team members, their capacity to execute and their intention to run a project successfully.
Still we believe that permissionless listing is the best approach to go with because anyway investors ought to DYOR before investing their capital, whereas good projects shouldn't be alienated from the public capital due to a central authority's biasness.
Again this approach mustn't be a reason to stereotype DPad as being callous towards the investors community. We profoundly care for the investors and will do the best to mitigate the risk of investments. Keeping this mind, we propose a system of community volunteered auditing of projects, especially required for the Direct listing pool.
Self volunteering people from the Dpad community can take up the responsibility to audit the projects in Direct listing pool. The interface of Dpad platform will allow volunteers to post their research, report or any findings on the sale page of the project. These details will be visible publicly, thus investors can quickly have a look at those reports and get aware before putting their capital in any project. The volunteers will be rewarded for contributing to the health of the network. The actual details for rewarding of volunteers will be updated in this whitepaper very soon.
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