Meta Incubation
A virtual space in Metaverse for startups to get incubated
AT DPAD we believe that to build a startup, first a great team is required, then a sound networking with other successful teams is necessary. First time founders do not have idea of most of the things that are important for their business. In the past, Y Combinator has successfully solved this critical issue by creating a huge Alumni Network of successful founders, who are there to help new founders in their startup journey.
In Web3 space, the early founders are facing the same issue of lack of networking. To solve this issue for thousands of Web3 founders, DPAD is committed to build an incubation center in the Metaverse, with a progressive culture of BUIDLING. Here the project founders, teams, investors, etc. can meet, network, share their experiences. Pitch day, Demo day, learning sessions, etc. will be organized in this virtual space in which people from all around the world can join with any border restrictions.
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